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Important Product Updates for Shopify Developers




In this edition of our monthly product newsletter for Shopify Developers, you’ll find the most important updates you need to know to continue your work with your app users. 

Read on for more information. If you’d rather receive these updates via email, please sign up for our monthly What’s New with Shopify email below.

Hello Hydrogen: Developer preview now available

A screenshot of a browser window saying "Hello Hydrogen," backdropped by blue, black and purple splotches and figures

Hydrogen, our new React-based web development framework to build custom storefronts powered by Shopify, is now available in developer preview.

We are building Hydrogen as Shopify’s opinionated solution to bring the best out of the intersection between commerce, UX, and developer experience—leveraging our technology and commerce expertise to make it simple, fast, and fun for developers.

Hydrogen’s building blocks enable a mix of static and dynamic data fetching between client and server for optimized performance. The combination of React Server Components, streaming Server-Side Rendering (SSR) with Suspense, and built-in caching policies enable merchants to achieve a balance between optimal commerce and user experience.

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New partner payout methods for more flexibility and control of earnings

A screengrab of the payout methods that merchants can now select with "add payout," "wire transfer," and paypal options. The background is characterized by line graphs

Starting in November, we began rolling out new payout methods for all Shopify Partners.

Shopify has partnered with Hyperwallet to give you more flexibility in how you can receive payouts, more coverage and support for more regions and countries around the world, and industry-leading fees to give you more control of your earnings. 

As the new payout method becomes available to your organization, you will see a notification in your Partner Dashboard and you will also receive an email with instructions.

We’re committed to helping our entire community of partners thrive, so we’re making this update to make it even better to partner with Shopify, and our millions of merchants around the world. 

Learn how to take advantage of these new payout methods, plus how this update will help you invest in growing your business, build your team, and create more amazing experiences for Shopify merchants.

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Partner Town Hall: Hydrogen takeover

The same background from "hello hydrogen" with splotches of blue, purple and back behind a screenshot that says "Top picks"

It’s a Hydrogen takeover! Join us at Shopify Partner Town Hall on December 2 at 12 PM ET to learn more about our vision for building custom storefronts with Hydrogen, as well as other exciting product updates.

Hear from the team who built it how Hydrogen is uniquely architected to fuel dynamic commerce, get updates on the product roadmap and ask questions of the live panel.

Hydrogen is a web development framework optimized for commerce by Shopify that lets you jump straight into building your storefront. Hydrogen lets you start fast, build fast, and get customers shopping faster. The Hydrogen developer preview is now available, and we’re sharing even more insights about this new, quick-start environment and framework.

Shopify Partner Town Hall is a virtual event where partners and developers can hear directly from Shopify product teams on the latest releases and updates at Shopify.

Join us at Partner Town Hall to learn more.

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Shopify Marketplace Kit now available

An infographic comprising the sections of the Shopify Marketplace Kit, with side by side website templates of both the customer and merchant side

Add commerce to any platform with Shopify’s Marketplace Kit. This collection of APIs and documentation allows you to integrate with Shopify and build selected commerce features or a world-class marketplace on any surface.

Connect your platform and its users to Shopify merchants and their products:

  • Accelerate development with a set of APIs, components, and pre-written code snippets for merchant setup, product listings, and more
  • Allow millions of Shopify merchants to sell on your platform in a few clicks
  • Grow your business by connecting customers and merchants in your marketplace

Marketplace Kit uses Shopify's foundational tech stack and commerce expertise to provide a set of APIs, webhooks, and UI components to accelerate your marketplace development process.

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Directly report partner violations and critical issues to Shopify

Shopify is committed to trust, safety, and quality in our ecosystem. That's why we've made it easier for you to report partner violations and to notify us about issues on our platform. Please ensure you understand the differences between the two forms below so that we can investigate your case as fast as possible.

Report a partner violation 

If you notice a violation against our Partner Program Agreement or API Terms of Use, you can now report it through this form, instead of contacting Shopify Partner Support. 

Please ensure your report is a partner term violation rather than a support issue or merchant store violation. Learn more about prohibited actions on the Shopify App Store.

Report a partner violation

Notify Shopify about an issue 

Reporting a critical issue is now easier than ever. If you notice an actual or suspected breach or compromise of Merchant Data or any bugs or issues with Shopify APIs or developer documentation, use this form on the Partners Help Centre to notify Shopify.

Report an issue

Coming soon: Unified Admin

In Q1 2022, we will be migrating the merchant store admin from the myshopify storefront domain to We call this Unified Admin. This change will improve the page load speed across the admin, reduce the number of times that merchants have to reauthenticate, and will improve the experience of working across multiple stores.

Apps will continue to work without any changes required. 

However, to ensure you’re supporting the best merchant experience on the new Unified Admin, embedded apps should upgrade to App Bridge 2.0 in order to use the new host parameter. This will allow the embedded app to work within the new admin domain. 

Otherwise, the merchant will be redirected to the old domain while using the app. This will be a disruptive experience for the merchant.

Upgrade to App Bridge 2.0

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